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Embroidery thread dyeing process-Embroidery thread dyeing before the water quality must be softened, staining with some high-performance chelating agent to dye; Add dyes(disperse dyes) Auxiliaries(high-temperature evenly dyed agents, chelating dispersants, fiber protectors, glacial acetic acid), 2 degrees per minute, 100-130 degrees 1 degree per minute before warming 100 degrees, heat preservation 30 minutes, drainage; Insurance powder plus caustic soda, 60 degrees reduction cleaning for 15 minutes, do not stop the back row waste liquid first, let the machine slowly turn, and then add water to the waste water while cleaning; When the waste water is completely discharged, add some good soap washing detergent to clean the yarn, and then color, acid out of the cylinder, according to this staining generally does not have problems

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No.1005 wealth Building Block A Futian Market Yiwu China

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