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Embroidered thread Twisting machine-Embroidery thread ring twisting machine winding forming mechanism is mostly the same as the ring ingot spinning machine. The steel collar plate is raised and lowered by the short motion of the forming cam. After each lift, the position rises to a certain height, so that the pipeline is wound into a conical cross-winding coil. Bilateral tubes are often used when spinning rough strands or on a twisted twist machine. The steel collar plate can increase the density and capacity of the roll for a single, relatively slow full lift. With double twist spindle as the main twist machine parts, each turn can add two twirls to the joint yarn. It consists of spindles, spindles and gauze trays and other rotary parts, as well as gauze tanks and hollow spindles. The unmoving part is set outside the rotating part and is connected by a rolling bearing. The spindle disk is driven by a dragon belt or a spindle belt, which drives the yarn tray to rotate together. In order to ensure that the stationary part is not affected by the rotating part, a brake device containing the gauze tank is generally installed. Braking methods include magnetic braking, gravity braking and mechanical braking. The joint yarn is drawn from the yarn supply tube, penetrated from the top of the hollow ingot tube, penetrated from the side hole of the storage yarn disk, and wound to the cylinder through the guide yarn hook and the output Luolajuan. When the spindle or yarn storage disk rotates around, one twist is added to the yarn in the hollow spindle tube and the hole in the edge of the yarn tray to the air ring between the guide yarn hooks. The direction is two twirls at the same time. This kind of twist machine has a speed of up to 14,000 rpm, and the efficiency of the twist is multiplied. It can be directly made into a larger volume tube, and the number of falling yarns is reduced.

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