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Embroidered thread tube machine-Embroidered thread spinning machine, cotton spinning factory production of yarn there are some defects and impurities, such as coarse, details, double yarn, weak twist yarn, cotton knot and so on. The yarn is checked with a yarn cleaning device to remove defects and impurities on the yarn that affect the quality of the fabric, improve the yarn uniformity and finish, so as to help reduce the yarn breakage in the back process and improve the appearance quality of the fabric. The defects and impurities on the yarn are removed in the winding process is the most reasonable, because the work of each cylinder in the winding cylinder is carried out independently, and when one cylinder deals with the broken head, the other can continue to work without being affected. The less capacity pipe yarn(or winch) is connected by a complex tube to make a larger capacity tube, and the capacity of a cylinder is equivalent to more than 20 yarns. Cylinders can be used for menstruation, twisting, curling, dyeing, weft yarn and knitted yarn on a woven machine. If these processes directly use pipe yarn, it will cause too much stopping time, affect the improvement of production efficiency, and also affect the improvement of product quality. Therefore, increasing the rolling capacity is a necessary condition for improving the productivity and quality of the back process. Remove defects from the yarn and improve the quality of the yarn.

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No.1005 wealth Building Block A Futian Market Yiwu China

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