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Is Shui Rong lacy what does the edge have to differ with inwrought flower?
source:admin time:2018-12-08

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Is Shui Rong lacy what difference does the edge have with inwrought flower? Shui Rong is lacy be a kind infrequent lacy, his use also pervades than force. Lacy meeting uses consumptive water dissolve to a lot of fabrics nowadays, use what Modaier and snow spin to compare force it seems that nowadays, these strength softness and natural fabrics use Debiliduo in the market. And he and embroidery distinguish respecting lacily, honest Shui Rong is lacy also be a kind big in pricking embroider edge, its consumptive craft is with water-solubility blame weaving cloth is base fabric, make embroidery thread with filament sticking gum, make the same score embroider of extremely inwrought machine to be on base fabric through computer, deal with via hot water again penalty makes base fabric of water-solubility blame weaving is dissolved, stay those who have planar feeling is lacy.

The difference with edition of inwrought and lacy sideways Shui Rong and ordinary the biggest edition is, it pricks embroider edge unlike ordinary plate making in that way can " be seen already earning " , shui Rong is lacy and necessary in inflexible finish still get bump tip currently together " water is boiled " working procedure, it is this working procedure make the stitch when carrying dozen of Shui Rong edition deals with plate making of castigatory difference Yu Pingfan.

 Normally Shui Rongxiu (paper) in inwrought and lacy, lotus leaf edge, cordon is lacy, lacy when using, be more a few using, it is a kind big in pricking embroider edge, this kind of Shui Rongpiao can aid financially embroider to make in mix on frame of better affirmatory embroidery the tension of line of the fluctuation in whole and inwrought course and spend closely, make cloth cover is accorded with to end Zhang Jin afresh, after waiting for embroidery to finish, shui Rongpiao (paper) deal with with proper Wen Shui penalty makes its dissolve completely, the pattern with lacy dissolve of machine embroider water is onefold, embroider is made excellent and tasteful, well-balanced and neat equalize, abstract lifelike, abound artistic touch and planar feeling.

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