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Duan Xiaoping: Cotton, chemical fibber and future
source:admin time:2018-12-08

On October 14, 2018 morning, solidarity of Chinese spin industry is met chairman of association of industry of chemical fiber of vice-chairman, China carries Xiaoping with " cotton, chemical fibber and in the future " for the theme, knit in 2018 China cotton spinning congress and patulous meeting makes the 5th the 4th second commissioner special subject recite, the growth that spoke of Chinese cotton and chemical fibber belongings environment.

Carry chairman show, reflect between cotton and chemical fibber to replace, competition and each other depend on each other retain 3 kinds of responsibility, be in latter the growth of a few years of textile in course, the time in the difference paragraph, the responsibility system between both reveals differential characteristic. Short towing tie of cotton and short staple of regenerated fiber element, polyester is mixed in function of focal resource, child the respect such as competence of characteristic, supply has actor advantage each. Come to China nearly 10 years cotton spinning belongings uses the fiber that be not cotton to estimate successive growth, amounted to 12.7 million tons 2017, than 51.7% growing 10 years ago, the proportion that takes amount of fiber of industry of Chinese cotton spinning overrides 60% .

Upright chairman is right in last few years balanced environment held pily supply and demand to be allowed first, elucidate deposit cotton environment and price of cotton of exterior and interior go poorly situation, right in last few years the changes of pily policy and the influence to cotton spinning industry were held comb.

About chemical fibber, upright chairman is allowed first, come nearly 10 years, crop of Chinese chemical fibber insists to rise situation continuously, year all increase rate for 7.38% , as base expand ceaselessly and the mediation of round-the-world division of labor, output of Chinese chemical fibber grows rate to put delay gradually. The growth of chemical fibber will appear piece: Polyester bibcock refine changes an organic whole to grow, belongings assemble spends progress, intelligence to make the characteristic that grows with green.

Carry chairman show, chinese grain cotton contends for the ground to touch Wu to still be highlighted, below the environment that is in an emergency in international trade situation in the future, area of pily transplant establish hard useful dilate, fiber sticking gum is capable the supply of compensatory cotton not apply, china grows your kind effort in a large-scale after the fiber sticking gum of as close as cotton be concerned with. Important course two kinds of methods will finish: It is the green that general rule sticks glue fiber to consume is changed, general rule sticks gum short staple already put in inside nearly 1 year produce can 630 thousand tons, plan 1 year to put in in the future produce can 680 thousand tons, 5 years the plan is produced in the future can 110~360 10 thousand tons; 2 it is Laisaier (Lyocell) fiber is finished homebred change, short staple of Lai contest Er is existing produce can 45 thousand tons, plan to put in inside 5 years produce can 135 thousand tons. Other plan project has 740 thousand tons additionally.

Upright chairman speaks of, from departed the competition that sees chemical fibber and cotton 10 years, admittedly chemical fibber held affirmation windward, but it is benign at all, competition promoted the skill of respective belongings to rise, chemical fibber, cotton will be halcyon in the future coexist, hold respective market, but increment is important rely on chemical fibber.

Upright chairman thinks, because Chinese competition is windward,showing, chemical fibber will still accede grow, but grow rate will be decreased gradually delay, be in from beginning to end is primary 2020 with round-the-world add fast synchronism, occupy round-the-world proportion to also be met essential and firm.

About cotton, he thinks in China, as a result of dentition vast and numerous, usable accumulate in agrarian sky suffer be restricted, answer in the future more consumption of regard highly grain, suffer the effect of weather and clay condition, pily transplant establish will be farther to Xinjiang assemble. China will unlock pily entrance further, increase quota number. Country annulus is entered annulus give a system to will be started in proper good luck, operate in detail will commercialize even more.

About Sino-US trade friction, upright chairman speaks of, sino-US trade war not only be " commercial war " , however the innovatory battle of deeper streak, strategy battle. Chemical fibber of American thing China exports the 2nd big market, nearly 5 years exit is measured year all grow 7.56% , but the proportion that holds our country chemical fibber to always speak a volume I fall, export chemical fibber child to if,be weighed to the United States filament of polyester fibber filament, short fine, polyamide fibber, stick glue short fine, short fine of the dacron in this is occupied about 46% .

Sino-US trade war touchs catenary of chemical fibber total worth, short fine of dacron of American thing our country exports the biggest market, occupied 2017 14.4% , and maintain ceaselessly in last few years in 10%-20% occupy than. To beautiful exit the quantity holds proportion of crop of within the country admittedly not tall, but cope with relatively weak dacron for short fine industry, the influence that commerce chafes nots allow to distain. Add after imposing custom duty, chinese dacron short fine exports American market competition ability to weaken, korea is become probably best, also or the bear of business of consumption of short fine of some other place of stimulative United States progresses. Industry of short fine of our country dacron is weak, add ask for custom duty to be able to bring about probably the industry is trafficced fatigued and weak, influence benefit.

The proportion that sticks gross of glue short fine to hold output of within the country to beautiful exit only 1% , and in the beauty the Qing Dynasty in 200 billion final detailed list is measured besides exit the biggest 55041000 did not comb stick glue short fine, the actual and negative effect that consequently commercial war exports to sticking glue short fine is not big. China is added ask for 5% entrances custom duty to will produce positive effect to sticking glue fiber industry, will increase the material capital of the enterprise. For low capital, the enterprise can choose other entrance source to replace the United States probably, be just like wait for country assemble to Brazil, Indonesian, south Africa further.

Our country is occupied from amount of American entrance cotton than the first, occupied 2017 than overriding 40% . Add the capital that use cotton will increase considerably after imposing 25% custom duty, cotton spinning enterprise on one hand hunting other entrance source replaces beautiful cotton, replace beautiful cotton without exception than muscularity without depurative bay cotton and Brazilian cotton, indian cotton is second anthology, will mediate production distribution on the other hand, increase the fiber that be not cotton to use open up, this is the opportunity of accident to blame cotton fiber.

Upright chairman answers pace to put forward to initiated at 4 o'clock to the enterprise: (Don't go yet of 1) half step, careful investment; (2) does not smooth 3 times by: Catch processing, make research and development, inflexible substitution; (3) " take one case " , hold resource conformity and round-the-world resource setting actively; (4) should have the setting that be not cotton for certain.

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