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What is polyamide fibber sewing thread?
source:admin time:2018-12-08

What is polyamide fibber sewing thread? Polyamide fibber sewing thread is made with multifilament of pure polyamide fibber, cent filament line, short staple line and bounce are out of shape line. It is by successive filament nylon fiber is twisted close and become, smooth-going, soft, outspread rate is 20%---35% , have better flexibility, combustion risks Bai Yan. Wear-resisting is spent tall, light resistance can be good, mouldproof, move chroma is controlled 100 degrees, microtherm coloring. Sutural and because its seam is puissant tall, durable, procumbent, can suit differs extensively to need and be used extensively of sew industry product. Commonly used is filament line, it is had outspread degree of big, flexibility is good, its rupture drawing length of the instant is more than the cotton thread that is the same as norms 3 times. Use at the tailor of chemical fibber, woolen cloth, leather and bounce dress. The dominant position with polyamide fibber the largest sewing thread depends on transparent, because this line is transparent, lubricious sex is better, because this reduced the difficulty of sew layout, development perspective is wide. Be confined to is current nevertheless the stiffness of the transparent thread on the market is too big, intensity is too low, line mark easy float at fabric surface, together with is not high temperature resistant, seam fast cannot exorbitant. At present this kind of line basically uses as the edge of applique, a short slender pointed piece of metal position that accepts power not easily.

Polyamide fibber line calls nylon the line again, have nylon 6 (Nylon 6) with nylon 66 (the cent of Nylon 66) , nylon grows fine (nylon filament line) cry again bead the light, bright line, nylon plays a line high (call piping the line again) .

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